10 Mind-blowing SPA Services Offered at AYANA

The essence of the SPA at AYANA is to perfectly portrait modern treatments and exotic heritage while applying thoughtfully selected natural ingredients.

The spa enables guests to embark on a journey of well-being by unwinding and rejuvenating with stress releasing body treatments.

To further elevate the wellness experienced by their guests, AYANA Spa has partnered with ELEMIS (a British skincare line that sources its strength in natural and sciences led products) with the aim of bringing together the power of nature, science and aromatics.

Here are the wonderful treatments offered at the spa

·         Reviving Reflexology

This signature experience involves a well-trained reflexologist trained to take guests to different levels of satisfaction by firmly pressing on key reflex points like the fallopian tubes in order to relieve sinus congestion and overall tension.

·         Asiatic Rejuvenating

The top to toe wellness treatment allows guests to enjoy a deep nurturing experience that starts with a ritual foot wash ceremony before proceeding to an inviting relaxation of moisturized aromatherapy oil body massage and full body exfoliation scrub.

This mini spa journey from hotel Jakarta culminates in a refreshing deep soak bath that releases any lingering stress.

·         AYANA Massage

AYANA’s signature deep tissue massage applies a combination of traditional techniques such as Thai acupressure, Shiatsu, Japanese and the ancient secret of Javanese wellness therapy.

They are then integrated with a blend of botanical oils to eliminate fatigue and muscle tension and naturally balance the Chakra system.

·         Men’s Facial

Men get to experience specific facial treatment which is crafted by Elemis. The facial uses effective ingredients to achieve immediate and long-lasting results. It involves cleansing, toner, scrub, facial massage, mask and moisturizer.

·         Elemis Facial Pro-Collagen Defy

For those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by aging or lifestyle, Elemis has designed a powerful anti-aging fast track facial that supports the delicate cellular structure of the skin. Proven benefits achieved are as a result of Indian Mulberry which reduces skin-fatigue and helps in relaxing wrinkles.

·         Collagen Facial

The marine collagen enhanced with protective anti-pollutant properties are used to regenerate, moisturize and restore the skin elasticity which leaves it soft and radiant.

·         Enchanted Forest

This is a 100-minute full body treatment that gets its inspiration from the soothing interiors of the RIMBA Rooftop Spa. The deep relaxing body massage offered involves Balinese style long strokes together with the Hawaiian lomi-lomi technique which eliminates stress and increases the lymphatic drainage.

 The treatment also involves an aromatherapy herbal balm to ensure the skin is intensely moisturized. After one has attained a heavenly state of relaxation, the skin is then polished to perfection using a smooth body scrub made from sandalwood, hibiscus and frangipani.

·         The Detox Body Treatment

The treatment begins with a body wrap of Detox Algae Paste which targets the congested pockets of tissue thereby activating the elimination of toxins. After that the entire body is wrapped in a heated blanket to maximize the absorption of the paste.

The guest gets a face and scalp massage before taking a shower, followed by a 40-minute full-body detox massage using a blend of essential oils.

·         Thermes Marins Anti-Aging Facial

The professional spa team at AYANA has thoughtfully crafted the ultimate treatment known as the ‘Thermes Marins Anti-Aging Facial’ which enhances both the inner and outer beauty.

The treatment involves being pampered for 1 hours and 15 minutes as the therapist expertly applies nourishing undersea elements together with natural botanicals like roses which help in energizing and restoring the skin’s suppleness.

·         Frangipani Charm

This 90- minute treatment makes good use of the sweet fragrance of Balinese frangipani and the plumeria flowers that are always blooming at the resort.

The treatment starts with a relaxing frangipani foot soak, rice powder, frangipani and a sandalwood scrub which removes the old skin cells and softens the skin.

The Frangipani charm is very effective in helping your skin maintain a youthful glow which in turn translates to a deeper sense of well-being with eased tension, an improved blood circulation and the elimination of toxins stored in your lymphatic system.

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