Mixing of liquids for the electronic cigarette

Mixing of liquids for the electronic cigarette

Approximately 40% vegetable glycerin will be needed. Most compounds use both PG and VG, as each gives unique characteristics to the final product. Distilled water or vodka are generally used to dilute the compound obtained. The flavors for e-cig to add They come in a wide variety, but for better tasting e-liquids it is recommended to use flavors made specifically for inhalation instead of using commonly used food flavorings. While the usual mix requires around 10-20% flavorings, some are strong enough to only require 5%. If you want you can try the  Vape Shot flavors for electronic cigarettes by Vapr , an Italian brand with a wide range of fruity, creamy or tobacco flavors. Finally,  nicotine is optional, which one you choose to put in depends only on your preferred nicotine level. For accurate measurements, get a separate syringe for each type of ingredient and use gloves to avoid dangerous contact of some elements with your skin. For your first experiments, buy a selection of plastic bottles and then some bottles for product storage best cbd vape juice.

Once all the required ingredients are ready, the rest of the recipe becomes immediate. Mix the ingredients in the bottles and shake well . Recipes can indicate the ingredients by volume or weight. Mixing by weight  will take place with the use of a scale, each ingredient is introduced into the mixture by weighing it and taking into account its specific weight. Make sure you use an e-juice calculator that takes these values ​​into account. Instead,  volume-based mixing  involves measuring each ingredient using a large set of syringes. It is the easiest method for a beginner, but it is also less accurate. Calculators are essential when mixing by volume. For the preparation of liquids you can follow the recipes  (if you want you can use a  DIY liquid guide with percentages ). Finally, infusing the liquid will be a personal choice. However, most of the liquids created will taste better after infusion, not least because most mixes need a certain amount of time to allow the flavors to blend and stabilize effectively. Be aware of how potent your concentrates are – potency also varies based on the flavors used.

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Electronic cigarette: vaping, not smoking

When you light an analog (traditional) cigarette, a phenomenon known as combustion occurs.

With each “puff” a primary current is generated that affects the respiratory system (active smoke, called “mainstream smoke” in English ). This is the smoke inhaled directly from the cigarette and essentially affects the smoker.

This is associated with a secondary current due to the combustion of the cigarette and the exhalation of the smoker (passive smoke, called in English “sidestream smoke”).