How to Save Money on a Summer Holiday

The economy has been tight for many years now in the UK and for the highest earners down to low-income families it is difficult to put away the kinds of savings and go on the types of holidays that more people could afford in the not too distant past. If you do want to look at taking a holiday abroad this summer, but you are worried that it might cost you too much as a family, there are ways in which you can do it on a budget without compromising on the quality of the holiday itself.

The first thing to consider is where you are actually booking your holidays, as there are plenty of websites and other sources where you can find decent offers, promotional discounts and the like. Set up alerts for your email to send you price alerts for when certain flight routes are coming down in price, or certain holiday destinations and hotels have good prices or offers on the table. Cashback websites provide you with a chance to make 10% back on the cost of holidays in some cases.

When you have booked your holiday the next step to going away on a budget is to ensure you have the correct currency, but without getting ripped off to acquire it. Some countries might have a closed currency, meaning you can only exchange sterling for the local currency upon your arrival in that country. In other cases it pays off to research how Sterling is performing against the local currency and how it is anticipated to change in the run up to your travels. You don’t want to leave it too late to change your money, but equally, changing it too early could lead to you losing out on money. Changing last minute at the airport is always the most costly way to change currency on your way to a holiday.

Low cost travel en route to your destination provides you with the chance to add an extra layer to your holiday, making the journey part of the experience and saving you money in the protest. Investigate whether a bus, train, or boat is cheaper than a flight. Could you drive to your summer holiday destination?

Lastly, always prepare in advance for your holiday with the items you take with you. Have your clothes bought ready to wear, any skincare and toiletries that are required, buy in bulk or when you see them discounted throughout the year and never be caught short when away.

There are many different ways in which we are squeezed financially these days, and if you have struggled to acquire financial assistance through traditional high street lending streams, you could find what you need via a responsible short-term loan lender. Always be fully aware of the terms of any personal loan you take out, and understand the interest and any added fees before you begin repayments. Whether you are looking to live on a strict budget, or take a holiday abroad on a shoestring you can find what you need without worrying about a poor experience.

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