How to Stay Sane During the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and we are all looking forward to catching up with our friends and loved ones. As the fun and chaos of the season get underway, you also need to stay sane to make it the memorable time you hope to enjoy.

Holiday hustle and bustle

Holiday seasons are filled with wonderful food, seasonal goodies, and other merry-making activities. It involves a lot of time and resources trying to keep everybody happy and stay on top of the schedule.

Most people prepare for different family activities, such as a vacation or hiking. If you are a student, you might be preparing to take your final exams before you break for the holiday. For salespeople, this is a perfect time to push revenue and meet those commercial targets.

On top of the madness, you might have to put up some decorations, entertain guests, make travel plans, send Christmas cards, and bake. Such activities can trigger old fears, hurts, and anxieties, leaving you feeling exhausted and emotionally depleted.

It is important to prepare yourself for all these trigger points beforehand. Be organized, take care of yourself, and know when you need to take a break. Your emotional wellbeing depends on it.

Holiday tips to help you keep sane

The following holiday tips can help you stay sane for longer:

1. Get enough sleep

As much as you’d like to wrap gifts at night or bake cakes for your friends for the next day, eight hours of sleep is far more important for your mental and physical health. Some people work themselves to death at the expense of adequate sleep.

Sleep relaxes and revitalizes your body, so establish a regular bedtime routine and stick to it. Another great investment to help you get a good night’s rest is blackout curtains, not only will they keep your room pitch black but they also aide in insulating your room keeping it the perfect temperature while also keeping your Trieagle bill.

2. Check your diet

With all the sugary and oily foods around, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and overindulge. It is harmful to your body in the long run, especially if you don’t exercise regularly to balance out the weight gain.

Step back and re-evaluate your diet. If you are attending a holiday party, take a light snack, and avoid sugary foods.

3. Let your gifts be simple

You don’t have to lavish your loved ones with the most expensive gifts to show how much they mean to you. A simple gift will do, and it is often more meaningful.

Keep your gifts simple, and remember that it is the thought that counts most in making memorable gestures of affection. Be prudent and buy only what you can afford. Your wallet will thank you later.

4. Take a personal moment

Visitors and friends might be coming and going during the holiday season, but don’t forget to create time for yourself. Take a soothing bath, read an exciting novel, listen to your favorite music, or watch a gripping movie.

Tips on saving money for the holidays

Other than staying sane, you should also be more careful with money during the holidays or the months that follow might be more stressful than you anticipated.

1. Make a shopping list.

Before you go shopping, create a list of items you’re going to buy and don’t deviate from it when you pass the candy aisle. It will keep you focused and avoid impulsive overspending.

Start with the essentials and finish with the non-essential items to give yourself a buffer.

2. Use LED lights to light up your house

You’re likely to use more energy during the holiday season than you think. Heating aside, you might also light up several places in your house, especially when it is time for that huge celebration.

Reduce your energy costs by replacing standard lights with LED holiday lights. LED Christmas lights use only 10% of the energy of normal bulbs.

Don’t forget to compare your energy rates and plans at Trieagle. It is the best way to find the cheapest rates and save your holiday money for what really counts.

3. Do not overlook the value of the intangibles

You don’t need to buy someone a gift to show them that you care. Simple gestures, like baking some cookies for your neighbor, helping your friend babysit, or taking a dog for a walk, are still meaningful. Think of something that costs nothing, but is worth so much more.


Holidays can take a toll on your health and peace of mind. The good news is that it’s possible to stay sane and avoid the craziness of the holiday.

Eat well, plan ahead, take care of your body, and don’t forget to show your loved ones that you care.

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