What to Do in Granby Zoo in Summer and Winter

Whether you are planning to visit the Granby Zoo in summer or winter, there is so many activities and fun that await you. If you want to stay in a Bromont Granby hotel, here’s what you can expect when you visit the zoo either in summer or winter:

Summer Visit

A visit to Granby Zoo in summer is a must for all those visiting Bromont. Whether you are a couple, a group of friends, or a family, there are many ways you can get the most out of your day at the zoo. They include the following:

  • Meet with animals by continents. You can begin your day at the zoo in Africa and end it in Dinozoo, travelling through Oceania, South America, and Asia along the way. If you want to witness all action at the zoo, make sure to learn about the star species and maximize your encounter with animals.
  • Explore the zoo in the inverted way. Do you want to have a day plan full of adventure and discovery? If so, explore the paths that help you discover what the zoo has to offer differently. This is a perfect option to escape the crowd and discover the zoo in peace. Don’t forget a break at the water park.

  • Choose a path just for children. Plan for a path with enough time to fit in the must-see items with your little ones.  Maximising their pleasure will help your family enjoy your visit. Your route can include trekking around the Oceania loop, cooling off and taking your lunch at the Amazoo Aqua Park, trekking around the Asia loop and visiting the new Dinozoo park.

Winter Visit

The Granby Zoo opens its doors to allow visitors to admire exotic animals in a snow-covered setting. During the winter season in Quebec, animals such as the Japanese macaques, wallabies, snow leopards, and Amur tigers feel right at home.

During your winter visit at Granby Zoo, you might need to take a break and warm up. You can come in from the cold and explore the Discovery Hut, Hippo River, the Cavern, the Temple, the Afrika Pavillion, and more. Also, you can also warm up by skating on the 360-square-metre refrigerated ice rink at the heart of the zoo. Make sure you see one of the 15 themed presentations the zoo holds every day. You will learn a lot about the animals there through the zookeepers and biologists.

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